if you insist

I took very few pictures at TCAF. I rely on Robin for that kind of thing. (You can see his massive photo archive from last weekend here, if you’re really interested.)

Still, to make up for the unrelenting text of the previous post, I present you with this meager bounty of visual – dare I say it? – delights. 

Here’s Brandon next to British Columbia’s most popular marine predator. Watch that gaping toothless maw, buddy. Remember, it’s known as Orca: the Killing Whale.

Look! Brandon made a little banana lady! She’s so respectable, and possibly in mourning!

But wait, turn her around, and she’s a doughty gentleman! I say unto you, sir, harumph.

Surely this banana can transform no further?

Yegad! A jungle cat! Not… panthera onca?

No! Not my baby! Take me! Take meeeeeeeeeee!

The above production was brought to you by Brandon Graham (lady and gentleman) and Marian Churchland (jaguar). Words by Shakespeare.

Mickey, riding Princess Diana’s silhouette off into the sunset.

James and Marley. Big Bird’s trying to photo bomb them with a West Coast hand sign but you can’t even tell because he’s got like three fingers. What a failure.

James, Robin, and Jho in the Marriott elevator. A  moment worth treasuring.

Breakfast at Second Cup with Farel and Brandon. Hi-jinx ensue.


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