one thing to say

Well, Marian and Brandon, of Hchom and Royalboiler, respectively, did me a solid* by making this site look so good that I may actually do something with it. Or to it. But the pressure is on now, because how do I live up to that banner? It’s all Tove Jannsson-esque and me-appropriate. Me-appropriate? I’ve forgotten how to talk. /write.

Let’s see. I’m like a bedraggled little tar-speckled rodent with dreams of the Vaudevillian circuit (oh gawd) who suddenly comes across a perfectly to (more or less rodent) scale tuxedo with tails and top hat. I just sort of shudder into its ideal fit, sniff, and say (miserably) “this will have to do.”

You know, I’m less self-satisfied than you’d think with that sort of too-long, uncalled-for simile, but I resort to them because they keep me from saying or writing things like “me appropriate”. Come to think of it, magazines should use wordy, pretentious similes more often. It would cut down on specific types of “me appropriate”-ish unbearable shit.

What else to say:

Have you looked at my dog lately? Yes? You have? You don’t need to do it again? Ssh. Don’t talk.

I really like my dog!

*the expression “to do one a solid” always makes me think of someone taking a poo. I’m sorry, that’s just how it is.


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2 Responses to one thing to say

  1. Sister says:

    I also really really like your dog!

  2. Emma says:

    Your dog is rather lovely; however, the real reason for the comment is that until today (when I stumbled onto your site via, I thought I was alone in the realm of “doing a solid=poo” business. *Digital high five*

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